Wingshooting Responsibillity

This workshop was about wingshooting and the responsibillity a hunter has. You see deer hunters at the range everyday almost. They are usually very methodical about sighting in their rifles. How often do you see a wingshooter out patterning a shotgun? Not as much as what is needed. Knowing how your shotgun shoots with different loads and chokes will make all the difference when you go to dove camp or out in the marsh for ducks.

Sunday night of the class began with introductions and a power point on statistics. There are not enough wingshooters who can tell you how certain loads will shoot. Some can only tell you "It's the one that came with the shotgun when I bought it." if you ask what choke they use. I cannot in this space cover all the material out there on wingshooting. So I will just say this: Practice, Practice, PRACTICE. Try different size loads. Try different chokes. Mix them up. The saying that steel is not as good as lead will not work. Steel is as good as and in some ways better than lead. You just have to learn how to shoot it.

After a little more classroom activity, we headed outside. Some of the class went to pattern their shotguns while the rest went to shoot sporting clays. For this class we had a speacial instructor. Charlie Wilson works for Texas Parks and Wildlife as the operator of the Mobile Sporting Clays truck. He travels all over the state year round. This man knows shotgunning!! He could stand behind someone, watch their shot, then tell them how to correct any mistakes. Working with him was a complete thrill. All paid very close attention whenever he was talking.

charlie wilson charlie and heidi all smiles heidi

I gave up a day of work for this class but it was well worth it. I am much more confident in my abilities with wingshooting now. And I feel I am more able to teach this class. The first time I had this class last year, we did not have Charlie and the mobile unit. After this go around, with him there, we were able to get certified to teach this course. A very big thanks to and TP&W for putting this class on.

Patterning Your Shotgun

aim fire marking shot
making circle heidi at board completing circle
shot spread in the circle circle placement
taking shot explaining shot more explaining
my shell it's me  

Sporting Clays

see the shot? clays shooting charlie shooting
my turn it's me me working
charlie speaks watching my shot still listening
what shooter sees more shooting the master speaks
instruction teaching how to spot heidi shoots
heidi again me again stop old habit

Notice in last picture above that Charlie is stepping on the foot of shooter. The shooter had a tendency of stepping forward when making shot. Charlie stopped this habit and it helped shooter concentrate on making a good shot.

Gun Allignment

alignment1 alignment2 alignment3
alignment4 do not try this do not try

DO NOT TRY LOOKING DOWN BARREL OF A GUN ! This shotgun was checked by several people to assure it was indeed not loaded.

parting shot 

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