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Zachary's Fishing Page

From the time he could hold a rod and reel, Zachary has liked to fish. I don't think he ever cared what he caught. And sometimes, when he is fun fishing, I don't think he cares if he catches anything. He just really enjoys being out with a rod and reel, casting away the day. And he can sit for hours messing around with his gear and getting ready for the next time. He gets focused on fishing and the world goes on standby for him.The picture below personifies what fishing should be... relaxation!


readytorideBut we really need to go back to the beginning. Or as close as I can get to it with the pictures I have. Zachary loved being on the boat from the very beginning. Almost. He wasn't so sure about the going "fast" part at first. But he did love being on it.

bankfishingI know he would have taken off in this picture if I had the boat running. There are no assurances what will happen when you try teaching your kids new things. I could only share with my kids what I loved to do. Luckily, they all three loved it too. And Zachary plans to take it further but more on that below.

bankfishing He did of course learn to love the going fast part. Then it was a challenge to get him to fish when we stopped instead of wanting to go fast again. I will always have a soft spot for this little man and his "thumbs up". It's the only way we should go through life.

bankfishingThe great thing about fishing is you don't always need a boat. Zachary had just as much fun fishiing from the bank. The enjoyment didn't come from how he fished or even if he caught fish. It came simply from being able to wet a line.

coldbank Sometimes fishing from the bank takes more than fishing from a boat. Both take dedication, attention and a love for the outdoors. Fishing was always easy for Zachary to concentrate on. Once he was in the mindset, the world was right in front of him.

castingcowboy When is a fisherman a fisherman? Anytime they can wet a line. Cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat means the same as shorts and a ballcap. As long as he is fishing, he is happy.

It's not easy for me to see him nearing adulthood. I mean, come on, we all want them to stay little, right. But it is nice to see the man he is becoming. He has a love for God, for family and for nature. He truely enjoys being in the outdoors and he respects it. He realizes that what God created, he is to be a good steward of. I can ask no more.

I will soon be adding pictures from his newest adventure, high school bass tournament fishing. He and his friend joined a team and have several tournaments ahead of them. He has picked up some sponsors from some great products to help out. And hopefully will be picking up more as he continues this quest. I'll leave you for now with some pictures taken over the years.

We should all find this much enjoyment in life!

Photo Gallery

bentpole backdeck fishon
fishon2 shark garbagepailangler
catfishin atthehelm morecatfish
catchandrelease fatherandson lazyangler
And for now I will leave you with two final pictures. One shows an emotional down for Zachary and his path to bass fishing stardom. ....

The other shows what every angler is after. In the fading light, we're all after ..... one last cast.

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